Spotmedia is a brand event company. Our mission is to create unique, engaging and inspiring digital brand experiences for our clients costumers. With an arsenal of the latest interactive digital solutions, together with a solid brand strategy and some killer content delivered by Meteor, we create real brand feelings.


Spotmedia is a sister company of Meteor PR. Meteor is a communications agency that works with all forms of strategic communication planning with in marketing, branding and public relations. Meteor delivers whole chain from strategy and governance, to all forms of graphic and digital productions. We are equally comfortable in the role as communication strategies, as in the more traditional advertising agency world.


  • 5-7touch


A5, 178 x 238 tall or A4
Auto start or on off switch, 20 min. video play time and 2 hour rechargeable battery (Rechargeable via USB port) as standard. Over 4 hours video content and 4 hours battery can be specified. Full range of bespoke sizes also available. as standard. Video play time and battery life expandable.

Printed 4 colour A5
Resolution: 480 x 272
Format: 16:9
Memory: 256Mb, 512Mb, 1Gb, 2Gb, 4Gb
Battery option: 450 mAh 2 HOURS 750MHA 3 hours, 1000MHA 4 hours, 1200MHA 5 hours, 2000MHA 9 hours
Speaker power: 8 OHM 2W

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Product Description

Card Functions

Cards can be autostart on opening or have an on/off switch. Cards can work with just autostart or on/off, but can also be supplied with buttons for other functions. These include  individual video select buttons, play/pause, play/FF, pause/REW, volume up, volume down.

Cards are normally supplied with 4 colour printing and gloss or matt lamination as standard. Spot Colours, Spot UV, Foil Blocking, Embossing and other finishes are available. Cards can also be supplied in other materials.

Cards come in a wide range of standard sizes and bespoke sizes can also be made for clients.

All batteries are rechargeable. Standard battery life between charges is 1 hour on 2.4″ and 2.8″ cards and 2 hours on other cards. More powerful batteries can be specified on all cards.

These can be recharged approximately 1,000 times but deficiency will increase through age
Shelf Life: When stored correctly, a fully charged battery in a card should stay charged for up to 3 month

The batteries in the cards can be recharge via the card’s mini USB port., which can be connected to a computerr’s USB port or 5v charger. We recommed that we supply the USB cables with the cards to facilitate this.

Loading screen
As well as video content, cards can also be supplied with a loading screen which will come on for a second or two whilst the video is loading. This is supplied .FO.C.

Video content
Please supply us with your video content and we will optimise it for your cards. For best results please send us a high quality HD version of the video which is not too compressed.


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